Sonitek International rip-off

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Sonitek is a company that doesn't care about its customers and employees.

It will try to squeeze the money out of their customers and gave them worthless website design. They will claim that the websites are their design, while in reality, the templates are taken from the internet (there are free website templates available from various sources), and the images they use are also 'stolen' from other websites. Some clients already got a lawsuit from the owner of the image for more than $10,000 per image. Be careful with this company, their programmers are in India, so it is very hard for customers to contact them. The owner itself is very tricky, and know the loopholes in the legal system (his son is a lawyer).

Sonitek also mistreats its employees, almost all of the employees' salaries are not paid on time. His excuse is always that we are very lucky to have a job. And he always remind us that we are in safe hands since he has a lot of properties, etc. All the people I know that quits the company are still being owed by the company.

If you get a call from this company (they have a very persistent tele marketer), just hang up.


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